Ryan G. Miyamoto, M.D., FAAOS

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  • Amy Breeding

    Amy Breeding

    Beginning in Spring of 2012, I started having constant pain in my right hip during everyday activities from getting out of the car to lifting my leg. After several recommendations, I went to see Dr. Miyamoto who had a good idea of what was wrong after I first described my symptoms.

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  • Christy


    Before having hip arthroscopic surgery, I had been in constant pain for well over a year. The pain started in one area and moved to other muscles within the same area.

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  • Craig and Kandi Molyneaux

    Craig and Kandi Molyneaux

    lifestyle which has included daily exercise for most of our lives. We are avid runners, including community 5k and 10k races. We are also both regular golfers. Other activities include biking, backpacking and skiing.

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  • Diane Gordon

    I am a Registered Nurse working at a local hospital since 1980 to the present. I have not had Surgery until Right Rotator Cuff Surgery.

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  • Brian W

    Brian W

    As a year-round cyclist and ultra endurance mountain bike racer, it was very difficult to deal with an early season collar bone fracture I sustained in a crash.

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  • Shaun Reddy, MS

    Shaun Reddy, MS

    Femoracetabular impingement at the right hip joint. My symptoms included general hip pain following exercise, sharp hip pain during certain hip movements and hip discomfort when sitting for longer than 30 minutes.

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  • Patrick Goulding

    On April 29th 2010, I was diagnosed with osteochondrosis and osteochondral defects of the left knee, the longest being 3 cm by 2 cm (requiring May 5th, 2010' surgery).

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  • Michael Scruggs

    Michael Scruggs

    I cannot recall an exact moment when I knew I had done something wrong to my hip. The pain came one day and wouldn’t go away. It became so bad that I wasn’t able to pitch more than an inning without being in unbearable pain.

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  • Gregory Carroll

    Gregory Carroll

    Torn right shoulder labrum I couldn't throw or tackle while playing football. I couldn't do simple things such as putting a backpack on or lift anything heavy with just my right arm. I was not able to get a full range of motion of my shoulder and it was painful to even attempt.

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  • Megan Kania

    Megan Kania

    I suffered from a torn labrum in my right hip, and eventually underwent arthroscopic surgery (hip impingment) on July 22nd, 2011.

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