Megan Kania

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Megan Kania

I suffered from a torn labrum in my right hip, and eventually underwent arthroscopic surgery (hip impingment) on July 22nd, 2011.

When dancing, I often felt a searing pain within my hip socket, especially when turning out. I initially began to experience such pain ten months prior to my surgery, and it became gradually worse as time passed, interfering with my flexibility and other dancing capabilities.

When I first visited Dr. Miyamoto, it was recommended that I receive cortisone injections and an MRI. Consequently, I was diagnosed with a labral tear. I was firstly instructed to be cautious with my injury, but as time progressed and the pain grew less bearable, I chose to have arthroscopic surgery.

Currently, I am doing exceedingly well. The recovery process following my surgery was tolerable – I attended physical therapy and was provided with exercise machines to use at home regularly. In due time, I was able to dance again and gleaned full use of my hip socket once again. Despite my worries, I did not lose any flexibility or the considerable extent of my turnout.