By Johanna M

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I had a left anterior hip replacement in Jan. 2014 performed by Dr. Bradley Boyd. Prior to the surgery I limped, went up the stairs one at a time and had limited physical activity.

After surgery I spent 2 days in the hospital and came home with a cane, crutch or walker. I could use the stairs and walk without pain. I had exercises to do – but not rehab. I was driving in 3 weeks and by 6 weeks had no restrictions, returning to exercise- walking, Pilates etc.

My friends call me the poster child for hip replacement. I found Dr. Boyd patient, easy to talk to, with a good bedside manner. He explained my questions, alleviate my fears and saw me promptly. I have sung his praises and would highly recommend him as a surgeon for this type of hip replacement. I am 67 years old!



By - Johanna M