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As a woman in my 50s I have been trying my best to stay fit through various types of cardio exercise and resistance training. I unfortunately got distracted during a run and fell over the curb and into the street. I immediately knew that my arm broke upon impact with the pavement and my first thoughts were “oh no! I haven’t started packing!” as I was scheduled to fly to Germany for a business trip that evening. Thankfully Dr Boyd was the Orthopaedic surgeon who saw me at the hospital. His compassion for my situation was clear and a few hours later I was in surgery and my business trip was postponed by only two days.

Dr Boyd realized that my bone was broken so badly that I probably had significant bone loss. He had my bone loss recorded and promptly prescribed the medicines needed to encourage bone growth.

Dr Boyd encouraged me to return to the active lifestyle that I enjoyed prior to my fall. I am running again, regularly hitting the gym and I was able to go on my annual ski trip five months after the surgery. There is a lot of “arm activity” involved in skiing, from lifting skisgetting in/out of gondolas, to poling on the flatter sections of the mountains. I had no issues whatsoever with my arm during the trip and feel confident that I can do just about anything.

I told Dr Boyd that I was so thankful that he was the surgeon who first saw me at the hospital and I meant it. The surgery was a complete success (plate and seven screws), I was able to attend my meetings in Europe and I am enjoying life as if my injury never occurred. Dr Boyd’s caring manner is comforting and my confidence in his abilities is unwavering. I would highly recommend Dr Boyd to anyone in need of a Doctor of Orthopaedics.


By - BB