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  • Barbara Smyth

    I received a reverse shoulder replacement in May and have made a full speedy recovery. Dr. Miyamoto is my miracle worker and a great surgeon. I first saw him early 2014 with arthritis in my left shoulder. My arm was immobile and painful. I could not do ordinary daily activities if they involved the left arm. And, I was driving with one hand. Surgery was not an option then due to my age (80) and other medical issues.

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  • Devan


    In September, 2012, during travel soccer season of my high school junior year, I started to have severe problems with my left hip. I went to one doctor who performed an x-ray on my hip but nothing showed up.

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  • Michael Gennaro

    3 days post-op of my ACL reconstruction surgery I started my physical therapy. With hard work I was about 85% back to normal in about 2 months and just needed to continue to strengthen my leg so I could be completely back to normal.

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  • Katrina Huckerby

    Katrina Huckerby

    Let me start by saying that Dr. Miyamoto is a great doctor. After spending months going to different doctors and sports medicine specialists who did not really seem to understand my situation and incapable of giving me a diagnosis,

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  • Hannah Colopy

    Hannah Colopy

    I had pain during exercise, especially while playing soccer and dancing. My injury impacted the length of time I could exercise as well as how vigorous the activity could be.

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  • Tonya


    Last year I tore my meniscus in my left knee while playing flag football. The pain of feeling the tear was unlike any pain I've ever felt before. I instantly could not walk and knew something was very wrong.

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  • Cameo Folz

    Cameo Folz

    In October 2010, I ran the Army 10 miler. I experienced a great pain in my knee around mile 8 and had to hop along to the finish. The next day, I could barely walk - I felt like my running days were over.

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  • Nicole A.

    Nicole A.

    About 10 years ago I hurt my back and sprained my hip exercising. The orthopedic surgeon I saw back then, treated my back for about 2 months and told me the hip would heal on its own and to take Ibuprofen when it hurt.

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  • Gene M

    I want to thank you again for the wonderful job you did fixing my right shoulder torn rotator cuff. After a dozen years of physical therapy, including a few cortisone shots, and pain that kept me from sleeping a full night for over a year, I am now cured.

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